December 03, 2018

My Birthday + Disneyland + Chatbaby

We got back last night from four days in southern California, because Disneyland! Actually, because Stephen won a trip to Disneyland on the radio. AGAIN. I seem to have failed to blog about the trip he won last year, but we took my two youngest brothers last year and had a great time.

The timing of the trip ended up being the same as last year, where we went during my birthday week, but this time, my mom and youngest brother came, as well as Stephen's parents, one of his brothers, and his sister and her cute family.

It was a fun but tiring four days, because, well, Disneyland, but also a little extra tiring because... I'm pregnant! We are SO thrilled to be welcoming our little Chatbaby to the world and into our family next June.

Of course, we had to take advantage of being at Disneyland on MY birthday to share our good news on social media.

I know. It's a little cheesy, but I couldn't help it. :) We flew to California on my birthday, which meant we only had about four or five hours in the park on the first day, but I was so tired by the end, it was actually just the right amount.

A few more Disney photos from the weekend:

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