September 04, 2018

We have a house!

It finally happened: we bought our first home! (Well, technically, second for Stephen. ;) He bought our duplex before we got married, but this is MY first time buying.) We are so thrilled to have bought this home and are excited to get to work on it.

We actually closed two weeks ago and have already put a fair amount of work into it. (Let's just say we grossly underestimated how much prep work we'd have to do before we can even PAINT.) It's hard work, but we feel so grateful and so blessed to get to work to turn this house into our family's home. It's definitely much bigger than we need for just the two of us right now, but in buying this house, we've shared a part of ourselves with the world. At least it feels that way, since we bought this house with the dream of filling it with family, with friends, and of course, our own children someday. I hope for our home to be a gathering place, and for all who come in to feel welcome and loved.

I'll be sharing more updates about our home renovation process (and soliciting opinions on paint colors and home decor choices!) here on this blog and on my Instagram. And if you want a behind-the-scenes look at the "Before" of our home, check out the highlight on my Instagram Stories! (And if you're one of our friends in the SLC area and really love painting and renovating, come on over!)

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