September 19, 2018

Billy Idol Birthday Concert

Stephen's birthday isn't until the end of the month, but we started celebrating early at the Billy Idol concert on Monday at the Red Butte Garden amphitheater. It was our first time seeing a concert at this awesome venue (we've only been here for outdoor movies before), and we hope it won't be our last!

We made a mandatory pit stop at Thirst Drinks at the Heritage Center (the dining hall in the U of U residence halls, just below Red Butte) right before the concert, because A- Stephen loves Mountain Dew, B- He also loves winning prizes, and he won a gift card from Thirst in an Instagram contest.

We learned that for Red Butte concerts, people line up starting at 10am! We arrived about an hour before the door opened, and rather than waiting in line, we got ourselves a soda treat. :) We were still able to get pretty decent seats, since it was just two of us squeezing in. Lesson learned: don't arrive insanely early, unless you have a large group to find seats for. Instead, get a treat, and arrive right at 6pm when the doors open. Then, act fast to snag some lawn space! (Our tickets were general admission, so it was every man for himself on the lawn.)

It's been an unusually warm summer, but it got cool enough on this night that we needed some light jackets. It was wonderful! Fall is my favorite season, and I am excited for temperatures to cool down.

Of note: three songs in, Billy had taken his shirt off. He later threw it out into the crowd. There were several costume changes. It was all very interesting. Also, there were a lot of F words. I kept trying to make a video while he was talking but kept having to start over because I didn't want F words in my video. In the end, I got this photo and some video for Instagram stories (on my Highlights, under Concerts, after all my Taylor Swift posts!):

Can't wait to keep the birthday celebrations going this month! 

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