January 21, 2018

6 months!

Today is our 6-month anniversary! I still need to do a few real posts (I say a few, because there is NO WAY I could possibly share all the photos I want to share in just one post!) about our wedding, but I didn't want today to pass by without celebrating on this blog the fact that we've been married for a whole 6 months. :)

To mark the occasion, here are six photos from our wedding day:

stephen+yándarywedding-155 stephen+yándarywedding-129 stephen+yándarywedding-116 stephen+yándarywedding-287 stephen+yándarywedding-370 stephen+yándarywedding-399

Stephen is everything I could have hoped for and more, and these past six months have been the best ones of my life. We've learned a lot and we've grown a lot. We've made some wonderful memories, and I'm excited for all that's yet to come. Happy 6-month anniversary, boo! 💕💏😍

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