February 10, 2014

Good Things

Here are some good things that have happened lately:

The time J.Crew emailed to give me a $50 gift card

I placed an order with J.Crew before Christmas and had the order shipped to my family's home in Utah. The order took a little longer than expected to arrive, but nothing too crazy. I figured things were behind with the holidays, but it really wasn't a big deal.

And then last week, they emailed me an apology, and a $50 gift card!! Guilt-free shopping for 2014!! What?? J.Crew, I love youuuuu! Will you be my valentine? xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

The time I was sick, went to work, had a work lunch, & the food was amazing

I love food. I had to stay home from work last week bc I was sick, and when I returned to the office, I had a work lunch at Luna Grill & Diner. I was still feeling a little under the weather, so I ordered the creamy tomato soup and mozzarella/basil/tomato panini. It was basically a glorified tomato soup + grilled cheese, and it was AMAZING! If you've never had it, GO! Right now, go!

The time we invited a new friend over to dinner, & he made this amazing apple pie

I don't like sweets. (Chocolate and cheesecake being the exceptions.) I know it's crazy, but I just don't. But a new friend of ours came over for Sunday dinner, and he brought this homemade (from scratch!) apple pie with him. It was so, so good! Coming from a girl who doesn't like sugar, that's a huge compliment! Ryan, I am seriously impressed! Look how pretty it was! Lattice crust and everything!

The time we celebrated Caitlin's 28th birthday, and it was really fun

Also, the cake was awesome. (Props to Jacks!) And HBD, C!! xo

(See C-lin's previous birthdays here: 2013. 2012.)

This link:

Celebrities reenact scenes from Disney movies (So good!)

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