March 05, 2012

Lately, I...

celebrated Caitlin's birthday (please not the amazing cake Karly made!),

celebrated some more (love this picture of Chase, Caitlin, and me!), helped my best friend plan her wedding, got a Valentine's rose from the Elder's Quorum, celebrated George Washington's birthday on campus (please note his party hat),

bought new shoes :D (then gave up shopping for Lent.. Gah!), went to the Froggy Bottom with my classmates, rode the metro a lot (especially now that I live a 5-min walk from it!),

went to a GW basketball game with classmates, went to the Wizards-Kings game (where I laughed at all the Jimmer paraphernalia. For you BYU fans, the gringo on the right is Jimmer), wore hot pink socks,

drove on the Beltway a lot and was grateful to live near a Temple, COMPLETED TWO YEARS AT ISG (how sad does my empty office look?!), commemorated the occasion with a deliciously unhealthy Shake Shack dinner (I tried the custard for the first time, and I am definitely a FAN!), and started two new jobs, including my first-ever paid job on a campaign!

Also, I watched this awesome CES fireside, visited Rachel in Georgetown, and went to Brett's soup shindig (thanks for the Tupperwares, Bretty! Your "potato soup" is amazing! Kidding, folks. It's clam chowder, not potato soup, and it IS amazing. :D)

This week is my first week of working both jobs, and I'm super excited! Here's hoping I can accomplish everything successfully. Have a great week, friends! :)

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