February 12, 2013

The Weekend With a Positive Attitude

Sometimes, I have a really hard time managing my to-do lists. Sometimes, it's really hard for me when I'm not able to accomplish EVERYTHING on my usually-miles-long list. But I'm slowly learning that making myself feel more stressed and more... bad for what I didn't accomplish prevents me from enjoying the things I did get done.

So, this weekend, let me tell you about all of the good things I DID do.

I ate pupusas with Janan (her first time! she liked them!)

and then we watched Pride and Prejudice (she had never seen OR read it!! thankfully, she also loved it!) and had a sleepover.  (AND I multi-tasked during the movie by baking a cake for C-lin's birthday festivities the next day! Go productive me!)

Next day, Janan, Steph, and I got our political networking on at the Young Democrats of Maryland State Convention in College Park. We met a lot of awesome people, and we hung out with Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson.

I tried really hard to be productive in the afternoon but mostly, I just finished the birthday cake.

And then we celebrated C-lin's 27th birthday with an all-girls karaoke night! So much fun!

Saturday night after the party, there were still a few hours left to try to be productive with homework and such, but unfortunately, I didn't get as much done as I needed to...

Sunday at church was lovely (it always is!), and we learned about the true nature of love (we learned that it's important to love yourself first, so you have the capacity to love others) and also about spiritual conversion (it's a life-long process, and a continual one).

Church ended with the Elders' Quorum (ie- all the men) serenading all the women and giving us red carnations and chocolates. So sweet! In exchange, we gave them valentines and candies, and mine may have included a really funny (to me, at least!) Mormon pickup line. ;)

Sunday night was more C-celebrating (Sunday was her actual birthday), and oh, gosh, the food at this shindig was delicious! (Brynn made Cafe Rio dressing, and it was taaaaaaysteee!)

And THEN (yep, it keeps going...), we went to a fireside (spiritual church lecture) in Virginia.

You might notice that almost totally absent from this here account is any mention of "homework" or "errands." Although I could choose to freak out about everything I didn't get done, I'm actually quite proud of myself for being able to focus more on what I DID accomplish and for celebrating the fact that my weekend was full of good friends, good food, good politicking, and spiritual nourishment.

Here's to a productive rest of the week and to the continued ability to celebrate the little victories!

xoxoxo, and Happy Valentine's week/Lent begins week!

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