February 06, 2013

Mid-Week Update

So, I recently decided on a few goals for myself. I'm pleased to report that I'm actually doing well on... some of them. (Well, it's better than none of them isn't it?) I've learned a lot about myself this week (lots of soul-searching and whatnot), and I hope to do some good with that knowledge.

In the meantime, here are a few of the other things I've been up to:

RS basketball has started up again, and I played in my first game last week. I brought the Twins with me, and they totally rocked it on the court! AND I did my best to hustle the other team, and somehow, I got a steal, which led to an assist, which led to a 2-pointer, which led to us winning the game 24-23. Whoooooo!!

Girlfriend time at Pitango
My weekend was fairly chill. I met up with a group of girlfriends for some gelato (and hot chocolate for Mel) on Friday.

The hazelnut gelato is my faaaavorite, esp. when paired with the chocolate noir!
My journey of sweets continued with some amAAAzing devil's food cheesecake brought to me all the way from NYC by the best SGF a girl could ask for. (Thanks, David! Also, if you click on the SGF link, I beg your pardon for anything inappropriate.)

Junior's is SERIOUSLY the BEST!
Saturday, I served at the Temple, where I got to help the most adorable little family (the McIntyre's) prepare for their sealing! Oh, I just LOVE serving at the temple! :)

After the temple, I went to Courtney's engagement party. It was so fun! The food was excellent, the decorations were adorable, and the photo booth was rockin'. (Alas, I have no photo evidence of any of that stuff. Though perhaps I'll snag some photo booth shots when they get posted to FB?)

Me, with Courtney, her blue feather boa, and her fiance Steve
Sunday, I took a break from my crazy sugar intake for Fast Sunday. I was proud of myself for remembering  (thanks, GCal!) before the morning OF, and it was really a lovely Sunday.

Of course, I partook in the madness that WAS the Super Bowl -- even thought I didn't really have a preference for either team.

This week so far has been mostly school, work, and some more soul-searching, with sprinklings of exercise, scriptures, and sleep.

Oh, yeah. And I celebrated "World Nutella Day.". Woot.

The rest of the week is scheduled for productive things, PLUS an event with Jon Huntsman! (I plan to be prepared this time!)

Happy mid-week slump, y'all! 

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