January 22, 2012

Basketball, basketball, basketball

Those of you who know me know that my athletic ability is not something for which I am known. I DO however, like having fun! So this weekend, I:

Played basketball with the Relief Society (my church women's group) team. We lost by 1 point! :(

(Pardon the blurry cell phone shot of Caitlin and me.)

and went to my first-ever GW basketball game! We played UNC-Charlotte. (Go Colonials!) I was able to talk a few friends into going with me, and we had an awesome time!

Air Force Honor Guard performing at the game

Eric, Stacie, Jeff, Melanie, Melissa, Russ 

Melanie, Jason, Tim, Ginna, Dane

Kate, Hannah, Marc, Ryan

Top Row: Becky, Sarah, Justin, Brett
Bottom Row: Kelli, April, Caitlin, Julie

Dan, Missy, Mckell, Brandon (In case you can't tell, Missy and Mckell are twins. :D)
I decided to jump in, too.

OK, who comes to a basketball game to study?? (Med students, that's who.) Who invited these guys anyway? (Oh, wait, I did...)

We won! Final score: 60-52

We went to Johnny Rockets after the game, where  promptly stuffed our faces with delicacies such as burgers, fries, shakes, and the highlight of the evening: bacon cheese fries! (So what if our arteries are now clogged?) 

My favorite part about last night was being able to bring together new friends and old friends, watching new friendships form, and seeing everyone having a good time. Friends are such an important part of my life right now, especially being away from family and loved ones. My first few months here were a lil' rough, because I hardly knew anyone, but I'm grateful for those who took time to be my friends.  

Oh, yeah, it also snowed in DC this weekend for the first time this winter.

That's all for now. Happy Sunday! :) Remember to be a friend to someone this week!

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  1. Thanks for organizing; this was really fun. And welcome to the blogging world!


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