January 09, 2013

Listen to Your Mother

I flew back to DC this week, and guess who I met at the airport??

My political idol + his awesome wife!

Jon Huntsman! and his wife, Mary Kaye! (And scrubby me!)
Now the funny thing is that in the morning, when I got dressed, my mom said to me, "Is that what you're going to wear on your flight?" (Referring to the leggings, UMD t-shirt, and cardigan I had just thrown on.) And for good measure, she also asked, "Aren't you going to do your hair or straighten it?" (She had trimmed my hair that morning, and I usually straighten it after she cuts it to make sure it looks good both straight AND curly.) 

My response was, "Mom, I'm just going to be on a plane all night, and I want to be comfortable, since I'll probably sleep through most of the flight anyway."

She reminded me that it's important to always look your best, because you never know WHO you'll meet/see/run into.

(Oh, and as I was packing, I realized my suitcase would probably be overweight, so I needed to layer as much as possible, so I threw on my gray hoodie. And on the plane, I took out my high bun thingie and swapped it out for a side braid.... Yeah.... But don't you worry! That certainly didn't stop me from getting a photo with one of my favorite politicians of all time!)

So when I sent her the photo via text, she said, "I told you to wear something different!"

In conclusion, listen to your moms, everyone. If you need me, I'll be occupied purging my closet of everything I wouldn't want to wear whilst taking a photo with Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman.

(*Sidenote* The Huntsman's were super nice! We chatted about my program, about No Labels, and about the upcoming event Governor Huntsman will be hosting with the U's DC alumni chapter. We did NOT discuss any offers for me to run his 2016 campaign. (Rats!) The man who took our photo said to him, "You look familiar. Who are you? Should I know you? Are you someone famous?" And Governor Huntsman very modestly replied, "Oh, I'm just her husband." So gracious. And dude, was that guy living under a rock for the past few years? How does he not know JH?? And then we all waited at the baggage carousel. After which I thought of all the clever things I should have said... Too bad I was so busy being star-struck.)

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  1. Maybe it's just the angle or something (or maybe I'm crazy?), but does Mary Kaye look a little bit like Alyssa Linford here?

    PS. I miss you!
    PPS. I also love JH!


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