May 14, 2019

My First Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day, and it was such a lovely day! 

I woke up first, but once he was up, my Smoop brought me two dozen beautiful roses and breakfast (oatmeal + fresh strawberries, at my request!). He also got me an amazing gift, in the form of a PRENATAL MASSAGE, which I can’t wait to use!!

At Church, we listened to wonderful talks and to the Primary kids’ sweet musical numbers, and then Stephen and I taught our Primary class. I spent a lot of my time at church thinking about how like the Savior’s love the love of a mother is. Both have literally bled for us, to give us life, and to help us progress in God’s great plan. And even though my Chatbaby won’t be here until next month (in theory ­čśé), I feel so much love for him already and am willing to go through whatever it takes to get him here safely. 

After Church, we spent time with our own moms. We visited mine first and enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner and time with family. My sister took a few photos for us while we were over. 

And I was so touched that my three siblings who aren’t on missions all wished me a happy Mother’s Day, and two of them even bought me presents! I was truly touched. 

Then, we went to the Chatwin Mother’s Day festivities, where we had a delicious second dinner and got to spend time with our Chatwin family members. 

We ended the night at home, getting ready for the week together. Stephen finished putting together our nursery double rocker, and we sat in it together for the first time. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to become a mother and especially to get to do it with my Stephen. He is already the BEST dad, and Chatbaby and I are so lucky to have him!

December 17, 2018

Sick Weekend + 12 Week Pregnancy Recap

It was a rough weekend in the Chatwinners household, with both of us coming down with the flu. But even though it wasn't ideal, if you're going to be home vomiting and with a fever, why not do it with your spouse/bestie, amiright? ­čśé Snuggling, soup, Netflix, breaking in our new couch and watching Elf  by the light of our Christmas tree (which we finally decorated this week): what more could you want from a sick weekend?

At first, I thought I was just having more awful pregnancy symptoms. I haven't had any pregnancy-related vomiting, but I have been constantly nauseated (and I mean CONSTANTLY. I keep snacks in my nightstand for my two nightly trips to the bathroom. If I'm awake, I'm probably nauseated, so I have to eat something before going back to sleep.) for most of this first trimester. My nausea has gotten so bad, I am now taking two different prescriptions to fight it and am also taking another medicine for indigestion. So fun!

Anyway, I just assumed my symptoms were pregnancy-related. But then at 5am on Friday morning, Stephen threw up. A lot. (TMI. Sorry.) And then I threw up. That's when I realized it might be more than just pregnancy symptoms... We had also both had fevers since Thursday, which should've probably been my first clue that we were sick.

But, like, I said, we made the best of it and took care of each other as best as we could. We are feeling MUCH better and are both back at work today. We even felt well enough to go out for a Sunday walk yesterday. (Speaking of Sunday, we were supposed to both speak at church yesterday. We had to cancel, and I still feel so badly about it. But I'm sure they'll reschedule us at some point, right?

Sunday walk on the Jordan River Parkway

Amid all the craziness, we celebrated hitting our 12-week pregnancy milestone. YAY! My pregnancy symptoms haven't eased up yet, but I know the risk of miscarriage is now significantly decreased. We will get to see our little Chatbaby again this week at our next appointment, and we are just so excited to be this far! I had started writing down my pregnancy symptoms into my journal after we first found out we were expecting, buuuut I actually haven't even unpacked it yet (I think it's in a box in one of the other bedrooms?), so I've been doing a poor job of documenting my pregnancy. I figured I'd write out a quick recap here, but I'll try to actually write things down henceforth.

  • Leg pain. This was SO WEIRD and one of the first issues I had! I had such severe leg pain, it felt like I had bruises ALL over. It started out with my thighs when I was 4 weeks pregnant, but by the end of that week, it had spread from knee to butt, where it was incredibly painful to even pull my tights on in the morning before work. It got better on its own, but I still have tender thighs.
  • Tender (and larger) breasts. So fun... I had to buy new sports bras at about 6 weeks...
  • General bloating. Me at six weeks: am I showing yet? Nope. Just bloated.
  • Nausea. ALL. the. time. I eat every few hours to keep it at bay and have tried just about every remedy you can think of except Seabands and acupuncture. But to no avail. Hence the prescriptions now. I tried Unisom + Vitamin B6 for a couple of weeks, but it's still been really bad. A few times, it's been so bad that even making turns while driving makes me feel super sick.
  • Peeing twice a night. or more. Ha!
  • EXHAUSTION! This was the first symptom. Before I had even taken a pregnancy test, I felt constantly EXHAUSTED. I assumed it was because we were working so hard on our house, which I'm sure made it worse, but nope. I'm just constantly exhausted and have had to shut my office door to put my head down a time or two.
  • Migraine. This one was just this weekend. I've only had one migraine EVER, and it was 3.5 years ago. It took me two days to figure out that's what this was this time around.
  • Indigestion. TMI again. Ha. Taking a prescription for it now, so hopefully that helps!
  • Constipation. TMI, TMI, TMI.
  • Lower back pain. Actually, pain everywhere. We bought a new bed that we LOVE right when we moved in to our new house. It's a firm mattress, and it is killing me right now! I had to go out and buy a twin-sized memory foam topper for my half of the bed this week... My SIL gave me the idea. Everything hurts all the time. It's made it super hard to try to exercise. The other night, I got nauseated just from walking on the treadmill for 30 min. My foam roller and yellow peanut are also helping a lot!
  • Feeling more easily emotional. It's even more fun when your husband laughs at you for crying at a Facebook video.
  • Food aversions: vegetables. I normally LOVE produce! But this kid has his/her daddy's appetite. Lol. More evidence: I've had soda and pizza cravings, which are two of Stephen's main food groups.
  • Food cravings: orange juice, Lipton chicken noodle soup, Pho, carbs, carbs, carbs. CARBS are my life right now!
  • Another fun milestone from December 6 (11 weeks): I officially can't button up my button-ups over my belly! I really thought the bust would be the first thing to go, but nope! It's the belly.
I'll leave the list at that. Pregnancy is SO weird, but it is also so exciting to be growing a little Chatbaby. 28 weeks to go!

December 03, 2018

My Birthday + Disneyland + Chatbaby

We got back last night from four days in southern California, because Disneyland! Actually, because Stephen won a trip to Disneyland on the radio. AGAIN. I seem to have failed to blog about the trip he won last year, but we took my two youngest brothers last year and had a great time.

The timing of the trip ended up being the same as last year, where we went during my birthday week, but this time, my mom and youngest brother came, as well as Stephen's parents, one of his brothers, and his sister and her cute family.

It was a fun but tiring four days, because, well, Disneyland, but also a little extra tiring because... I'm pregnant! We are SO thrilled to be welcoming our little Chatbaby to the world and into our family next June.

Of course, we had to take advantage of being at Disneyland on MY birthday to share our good news on social media.

I know. It's a little cheesy, but I couldn't help it. :) We flew to California on my birthday, which meant we only had about four or five hours in the park on the first day, but I was so tired by the end, it was actually just the right amount.

A few more Disney photos from the weekend:

September 25, 2018

Dining Room Plans

We're still in the thick of painting and nowhere near actually getting furniture in here, buuuuuut I wanted to put together a little round up of what I'm hoping to do in the dining room! (Patience never was my strength.)

As a refresher, here is the "Before" shot of our dining room. (This is the photo from the real estate listing.)

And below is a roundup of my plans for this lovely room. The chandelier is definitely staying (link to a similar chandelier), and I've purchased the following:

A few notes on my design choices:
  • Paint: I wanted the dining room to be my "statement" room on the main level. Most of the house will be painted a light grey, but "Tornado season" will pack a punch in our dining room. We get a lot of great natural light in this room from those lovely windows, so hopefully it won't feel too dark. We've painted the trims white using this Behr enamel
  • Dining table: I wanted a dining table that was simple but attractive. And something not so trendy that it'll be outdated by next winter. AND I wanted to have a table that was expandable and could seat 10-12 when fully expanded. I'm thinking ahead here for holidays, family dinners, etc. (A few more thoughts on the table below.) I ordered the table over Labor Day weekend, but we won't get it until mid-October.
  • Dining chairs: To be honest, my ideal chairs would've been upholstered, but we plan to have kids someday and want to make sure our home design choices are family-friendly from the get-go. So we went with eight of these cafe walnut chairs along the sides and the two grey upholstered chairs for the ends of the table. Since we won't have the table for a few more weeks, it'll be a little while before I know if this will all work together, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Rug: I chose an indoor/outdoor rug for the same reason I chose non-upholstered chairs: practicality for use with future babies. Outdoor rugs are (theoretically) much easier to clean. I also like the color and pattern the rug brings in to the room without being TOO busy.

*A note about the table:

After I ordered the table, I felt like I was seeing it everywhere, and I worried I had chosen a table that was already TOO trendy! Exhibits A and B:

From actors Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli's home tour on Apartment Therapy
From LaTonya Yvette's home tour on Cup of Jo
But then I decided that perhaps this was evidence in support of my table choice! I love how both families have made the table their own and have created completely different looks/feels, just by having different dining chairs. So in ten years, when I'm craving a dining room refresh, I can switch out the chairs, and it'll be a whole new dining room!

Just for fun, here is how Emily Henderson used the same rug I chose for our dining room in a living room makeover:

Image is from this living room makeover
Now, we just need to:

  • Paint (ha.)
  • Find window treatments (I'm leaning towards sheer white curtains to preserve the natural light, but I'm open to other suggestions!)
  • Figure out a china hutch situation (I'd love to have a built-in buffet/hutch someday (something like this or this), but in the meantime, I might make over a hutch we already own.)
  • Decide what else will go on the walls.
  • Count down the days until West Elm calls to tell me my dining table has arrived.
  • The chandelier is attached to the ceiling within its own little recessed space (I don't have a good photo to show this right now.). If we're feeling ambitious, we've considered using this tutorial to do a little ceiling stenciling in that space. Maybe something art deco-inspired, like this?

If you happen to have any brilliant suggestions or tips, I definitely welcome them in the comments! 

September 19, 2018

Billy Idol Birthday Concert

Stephen's birthday isn't until the end of the month, but we started celebrating early at the Billy Idol concert on Monday at the Red Butte Garden amphitheater. It was our first time seeing a concert at this awesome venue (we've only been here for outdoor movies before), and we hope it won't be our last!

We made a mandatory pit stop at Thirst Drinks at the Heritage Center (the dining hall in the U of U residence halls, just below Red Butte) right before the concert, because A- Stephen loves Mountain Dew, B- He also loves winning prizes, and he won a gift card from Thirst in an Instagram contest.

We learned that for Red Butte concerts, people line up starting at 10am! We arrived about an hour before the door opened, and rather than waiting in line, we got ourselves a soda treat. :) We were still able to get pretty decent seats, since it was just two of us squeezing in. Lesson learned: don't arrive insanely early, unless you have a large group to find seats for. Instead, get a treat, and arrive right at 6pm when the doors open. Then, act fast to snag some lawn space! (Our tickets were general admission, so it was every man for himself on the lawn.)

It's been an unusually warm summer, but it got cool enough on this night that we needed some light jackets. It was wonderful! Fall is my favorite season, and I am excited for temperatures to cool down.

Of note: three songs in, Billy had taken his shirt off. He later threw it out into the crowd. There were several costume changes. It was all very interesting. Also, there were a lot of F words. I kept trying to make a video while he was talking but kept having to start over because I didn't want F words in my video. In the end, I got this photo and some video for Instagram stories (on my Highlights, under Concerts, after all my Taylor Swift posts!):

Can't wait to keep the birthday celebrations going this month!