March 24, 2020


Me, nursing Charlie on the couch while working
Nursing Charlie on the living room couch while working on my laptop
We've been working from home for just a few days now, but it feels like it's been a year. ­čśé

During this time of economic uncertainty, we both feel EXTRA grateful for our jobs. We know many are being impacted by the economic downturn already brought on by COVID-19, and we know how blessed we are to not only have jobs, but to have good jobs, and jobs that are currently allowing us to work form home.

Our daycare is currently closed, which means that in addition to both of us working full-time, we also take care of Charlie during the day. Charlie is SUCH a delight, but it's SO hard for both Stephen and me to be productive for a full workday when we have to also balance taking care of an 8-month old. I'm used to taking four pumping breaks at the office throughout the workday, but caring for a baby in person is a whole other story!

What we've been trying out so far is working in shifts. Stephen works in the morning, and I take primary responsibility for Charlie while trying to somehow also work. And we swap at noon so I can work. (Except what actually happens is we eat lunch, Charlie needs to be wiped down, then he needs to nurse again, etc etc.) Stephen has set himself up in our little office downstairs, but I typically just work on the floor of the nursery or on the living room couch with my laptop. Anywhere where Charlie has room to crawl safely and toys to spread out on the floor.

It feels like everyone else suddenly has loads of time on their hands, and even though we don't have anywhere to be, we are busier than ever. We often work again in the evenings after Charlie has gone to bed, just to keep up with our workloads. We do feel very blessed to be in this situation and to be able to work from home, buuuut if anyone has tips on how to successfully have BOTH spouses working from home while caring for their baby (or tips on how the heck to get our 8-month old to NAP during the day), please send help ASAP! (I'm even considering going back to pumping during my half of the workday, just so I don't lose momentum or time.)

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