November 11, 2021

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day back at work since Clyde was born, and I'm still feeling all the feelings! 

Snuggling at home on our last full day of FMLA

Trying to catch up at work after being gone for 12 weeks feels like drinking from a fire hose (especially since I left during such a turbulent time). And I miss my little Clyde. These 12 weeks have had some difficult moments (especially in the first four weeks), but they've all been related to my own health. The actual baby part has been amazing and so joyful. Clyde is such a calm, happy baby, and I've cherished the time I had to be home with him. 

Sweet little Clyde at home on Monday

I'm nervous about him eating well at daycare (dude definitely prefers milk fresh from the tap and has made it clear he is not a fan of bottles), but I'm grateful that after having Charlie there for two years, I know and trust the people caring for my babies. 

And speaking of Charlie... He was sick on my first day back, so I took Clyde in alone. I've actually taken Clyde in to daycare a few times already (I did this with Charlie, and it helped ease my nerves immensely!), so drop-off yesterday was less difficult than it would've been if I hadn't done that. I would take him in once a week for just a few hours (long enough to get in one nap and one or two feedings) to A- help me ease into daycare, B- help the teachers get to know him, C- help him ease into bottle feeding.

Clyde at morning daycare drop-off on my first day back at work

One last nursing at home before daycare drop-off on Day 1

Let's hope things get easier soon. (And that I don't spill anymore of my pumped milk!)

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