July 23, 2018

Under Contract!


Just in time to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, we went under contract on our first house!!

The real estate market in the Salt Lake area is insane right now, with home prices, interest rates, and demand for homes on the rise, with no sign of letting up soon. Even though the market isn't favorable to sellers right now, we felt like we needed to be looking. We were in no rush, since we are just fine in our duplex, and we have a spare bedroom, which means we could even live here with a kid or two down the road. We set a deadline of July 21st (our one-year anniversary) and decided that if we didn't find a house by then, we'd take a break from house hunting for a while.

Well, we submitted an offer on Friday, we received a counter-offer on Saturday (our anniversary!), and we went under contract on Sunday. It all happened so fast! It's still not a done deal, of course, and we won't necessarily get the house, but we are excited to even be in the game, and I wanted to make sure I documented it.

Today, we scheduled a home inspection and found a title company we want to work with. Keep your fingers crossed for us during the next 30 days! ­čĺô

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