February 12, 2017

Since I last posted...

  • I became an aunt! 😆
Baby nephewBaby blessing   
  • we both turned 32
Stephen's 32 32 32 dinner
  • 9 + months strong with this dreamboat! 😍 
Dreamboat ❤️️ Druid arch
PlanetariumMorning tongues 😜
  • I just finished my time with the Utah Democrats and am looking for my next Comms/Digital opportunity in SLC. (So if you know of anything, let me know? I'm open to FT opportunities as well as contract/consulting work.)
Marty O'Malley Utah Dems
  • We voted! (#WithHer, of course. 2016 was actually my first year voting a straight Democratic ticket.) 

Unfortunately, we lost bigly on November 8th, so....
  • I took refuge in Europe (London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brugges for 10 days) and had the time of my life with Stephie and Nif! #misadventuresineurope
Amsterdam ❤️ 
  • Every time I read the news, it feels like the country is up in flames. But also, it's been incredible to see the goodness of the people around me in response.
SLC March 4 Refugees
March 4 Refugees in SLC
SLC Women's March
SLC Women's March
  • I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It explains a lot, and I'm grateful to A- still have health insurance, B- to have found just the right therapist, C- for modern medicine and all the ways in which it improves our lives, D- for an uber-supportive boo. I am so blessed! <3
  • Went to DC for Kathryn's wedding!
Kathryn's wedding!
  • Spent our first holiday season together
Chatwin Thanksgiving Matching onesies!
  • Some shopping. ;)
Jewelry shopping
  • Started ski lessons at Snowbasin. It ain't going so well. 😳  Last time I was there, I ran over a small child, got yelled at and shamed off the mountain, and basically cried all the way home.
Ski lessons

Hope your 2017 has been good so far!

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