November 09, 2014

Fall Camping :)

bean boots and fall leaves
Bean boot photo #1
I mentioned a few of us went camping last week near Sugarloaf Mountain after the Halloween dance. Behold, photographic evidence!

We arrived super late (like... midnight) after the dance, we set up in the dark (I must say I was impressed with our setting-up-in-the-dark skills!). But here's what the next day looked like:

Sugarloaf Mountain camping our sweet tents! Nils and his manly tent

Nils was too cool to kick it with the rest of us, so he set up his own "man tent." ;)

Now, for the important stuff. Is there any breakfast as delicious as a camping breakfast? I think not! Dara did an amazing job with the food, as you can see below. :)

Dara's breakfastcamping breakfast!


It was Jeffie's birthday* on Saturday, so naturally, celebrations were had!

HBD, Jeffie!

And what's a camping trip without a fire, I ask you? (Nothing. is what.)

campfire group

Especially with these dudes to gather firewood. (By taking large logs and throwing them at trees? Whatever works, guys.)

firewood log throwing

A few of us took an innocent walk through the woods, seeking only to enjoy the beauty around us.

another bean boot picture
Bean boot photo #2. I really love my Bean boots. Even if they're too big...
Thanks for the giant hoodie, Pepsi!
We never could have imagined what a life-changing experience that walk would be as we witnessed the birth of... tree-riding.

What is tree-riding, you ask? Here's how it goes:

Step 1 -- Climb a tree.


Step 2 -- Lean back on said tree. Throw all your weight into it like you really mean it, or else the tree won't lean! (Please note Jeff's form in the second photo. Perfection.)

tree-riding tree-riding

Step 3 -- Ride that tree all the way back, and land on the ground. Ta-da! Tree-ridin'! (Photobombing optional.)

(Please note how ridiculously high up Kevin went. And OK, so I don't have a photo of someone actually landing. But you get the idea.) 

Kevin tree-riding Tree-riding photobomb

After getting our fix of tree-riding (or in my case, my fix of watching the tree-riding), we packed up and went home. And we made it back in time for lunch! It really was just perfect. :)

Here's the whole gang at the end of the trip. Don't we all look like we had a good time? :) Because we did!

Camping friends!
Matt, Kev, Ali, Joseph, Dara, me, Nils, Jeffie
And thanks for the healthy road snacks, Dara! We love our apples! (OK, to be completely open and transparent, I don't particularly care for apples, but I think they're really pretty! So when I say I loved my apple, I really do mean it!)

Camping friends!

One more shot (featuring all the fall clichés) to close us out:

fall stereotypes


* Bonus if you made it this far. I mentioned Jeffie's birthday earlier, right? Later this same night, he had a birthday gathering at Ted's Bulletin on 14th Street, complete with a "How well do you know Jeff" quiz. I am proud to tell you... I won! This was my prize:

HBD, Jeffie!

Jealous, aren'tcha? ;)


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    1. Oh, thank you! They are fantastic. I just took them on a long weekend trip to cold NYC, and they were super comfortable and (with the addition of the LL Bean shearling insoles), kept me super warm the whole trip! (Link to Bean Boots here --


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