November 07, 2014

Halloween 2014

As you may know, Halloween was last week. This year, I got lucky with my costume theme(s), in that I was part of TWO groups for TWO different events using the same costume. That's what happens when your co-workers decide to do a "Wizard of Oz" group costume the same year you have friends doing the same thing for a ward party. :)

Below is our amazing work version, in all its glory:


Our co-worker María was home sick, so we decided to photoshop her costume. ;)


All the costumes you see above (well, except María's) are homemade. :) And please let the record show that when our CEO came in with her two little ones (love them!) and saw our costumes, her comment about our costumes was, "You can tell you're children of immigrants." (Just wait 'til you see the gringo Mormon store-bought costumes below, and you'll see what she means. ;) Heh heh.)

And speaking of the boss's little ones, aren't they just the cutest??

IMG_6994 IMG_6995

Oh, I love these little ones! They come in every day for Lalo's lunch, and every time, it's the highlight of my (and Avery's) day. :)


And now for the ward Halloween pictures! Our YSA group had a Halloween activity at the Foulger-Pratt Barn in Dickerson, MD. It was a beautiful venue (it's where Eve and Erick's wedding was), and an even more beautiful night.

And here's the gang below:


In case you hadn't figured it out, yet, I was the "Yellow Brick Road." :) I made my costume by taking a yellow dress I already owned and using black masking tape to form the outlines of the "bricks." I was really quite proud of myself :) And I came up with the idea all on my lonesome! The sign I made at work with our printer, packing tape, a stick from a gay pride flag, and some cardboard. I thought I'd be punny, so on one side, my sign said "Follow the Yellow Brick Road," and on the other, it said "Follow me" and had my social media handle, @utahgirlami. :) (Get it? Follow me? Social media? Ah ha ha ha!)


Some more photos:

Happy Halloween!
Photobomb courtesy of Kyle.
Happy Halloween!IMG_7022


And then we went camping. :) Hope your Halloween was also lovely!

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