April 07, 2014

LOVE is all you need

I have wept in the night
for the shortness of sight
that to somebody's need made me blind;
but I never have yet
felt a tinge of regret
for being a little too kind.

I feel so blessed and inspired after a glorious weekend of General Conference. As I've quietly pondered the things that stood out to me and more importantly, the things I need to improve based on what I learned from Conference, one theme that keeps coming back to me is LOVE. SO many of the talks, at least for me, focused on LOVE! On loving others more, and on loving them better.

On loving fully and without hesitation. On balancing our own lives and our own loads -- that we may have time to serve others when they need us. On focusing on the needs of those around us, and then rendering Christlike service.

Christlike love is the greatest need we have on this planet... (from Elder Holland's talk), and each of us CAN do something every day to help someone around us feel it.

I tend to go overboard sometimes when I'm setting post-Conference goals, so this time, I'm going to set just two small goals.

I recently received an abrasive email from a professional contact I've never met. I... didn't like his/her tone or much of what s/he had to say, and I automatically became a hater. Of someone I don't even know! 

I also had an encounter recently with someone who... probably doesn't number tact among his/her strengths? I thought all sorts of sassy things in my head, but I thankfully didn't vocalize (most) of them.

I frequently get so caught up in all the things I "have" and "need" to do, that I don't leave enough time or mental space/energy to look for the needs of others and find ways to serve them.

And well, I shared this experience already...

Clearly, I NEEDED these messages about LOVE in my life. My goals are thus:

  1. I will give people the benefit of the doubt. I won't be a hater, and instead, when I feel hurt or attacked, I'll try to see things from the other person's perspective.
  2. I will look for ways to serve those in my sphere of influence. My sphere may not extend far and wide, but it extends enough for me to make a difference to at least one person each day.

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  1. Amen! Charity (/Love) has long been my favorite Gospel principle, so I was also enthused that Love was this conference's running theme :)


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