March 27, 2014

How I Got Rid of My Angry Feelings

Tonight I came home with some resentful/angry feelings towards a particular person. I was feeling like such a hater, and while I was really tempted to call someone up to vent about it (and in the interest of complete honesty, I may have vented just a tad...), I knew that wasn't the right thing to do.

Wanting to dissipate my foul mood as quickly as possible, I turned to the Mormon Channel and watched this powerful video:

While I don't feel I was on the verge of bullying this person, I knew my feelings weren't coming from a good place. Watching the video, I remembered that I need to always be kind to others. I don't know this person's particular situation, and I should give the benefit of the doubt. My feelings of anger and resentment lifted, I was able to see the situation more clearly, and I concluded with a vow to be kind, no matter what.

I was thankful today that the Mormon Channel was there to lift me up in my time of need.

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