February 15, 2014


Oh, gosh. It's been a little while now since I was released as a temple ordinance worker (which, in layman's terms, means I used to volunteer twice a month to help out with the work done at the Mormon Temple in DC, but I stopped doing it a few months ago), and today was actually my second time in the DC temple since my release. (I know... Only my second time... I'm so ashamed...)

The reason I was there today was to support my beautiful friend, Erika, as she received her temple endowment. (Or... To break it down, today was the first time Erika was able to go into the temple to make special covenants with God. It's a beautiful ceremony, and today was just a really special day.)

we love erika!
Erika's fan club

But holy, moly, as soon as I was settled, I felt like my heart and my spirit were doing backflips and somersaults! I was SO excited to be there, and both kept screaming, "We're home! We're home! We. are. home!!" Because that's what going to the temple feels like to me... It feels like coming home.

I'm grateful to live SO CLOSE to a temple. I feel connected to the temple and know that it's meant to be a big part of my life. The veil is thin at the temple, and you know, I just really hate that you can't take a notepad or take notes inside! :-/ The endowment session hadn't even started, and already, I had all sorts of wisdom pearls and spiritual insights racing through my mind! First, that no matter how long it's been, the temple will always be home. Second, that thought led me to reflect on the fact that no matter how far you've removed yourself from God, He will always be happy to hear from you and have you back. Third... OK, my mind was racing, so I'll just leave it at two insights.

Also, I apologize in advance to anyone reading this who may be confused by the Mormon lingo... I guess the bottom line is that the Temple is a little piece of heaven on earth, and I know I will always feel peace and God's love when I'm there, because it is His house. :)

*photos courtesy of Erika and Leslie

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