January 31, 2014


#TheYearWithoutShopping (image via)

OK, now that it's basically February, I thought I'd write a little about one of my goals for 2014. Some of my goals are more personal so I won't share those, but let me tell you a little about one of my goals for 2014: #TheYearWithoutShopping.


I took some time last year to analyze my finances, and after a mild panic attack, I've re-worked my budget and decided that my main financial priority (you know, aside from keeping a roof over my head, saving for a rainy day, etc.) is to get out of debt. (Stinkin'... student loans....) I need to lower my debt and start putting more towards long-term savings and other personal financial goals. It sort of makes me wonder whether spending so much on school was a good idea, but it's kind of too late for that, so I'm focusing on how to get out of debt instead.

One way I'm saving $$ this year is by NOT BUYING CLOTHES OR SHOES FOR ALL OF 2014!! (With a few exceptions -- I'm budgeting for a pair of brown boots for next autumn (my old ones are shamefully beat up), and you know, if I'm a bridesmaid or something, I'll obviously buy the outfit. The other exception would be if a STAPLE piece were to break/rip/get ruined. Like... My pair of black work pumps breaks, or... you know. But that probably won't happen.)

SO, in general... no clothes or shoe shopping in 2014! (hence, #TheYearWithoutShopping) It's been reeeeeally hard so far (I really like to shop, and I get a genuine high from scoring good deals!), and I've had to unsubscribe from all my normal shopping sites. And yet I still find myself online browsing? And several times, I've gone into Gap, Anthropologie, Target "just to look" and nearly broken my resolution.

On January 8th, I saw Natalie H. wearing this ADORABLE buffalo check coat, and I IMMEDIATELY bought it! (I justified it, bc I'd had to take back a different coat I'd bought, on account of the pocket lining ripped.) The second I clicked on "purchase," I knew I'd made the wrong decision! I IM'd customer service right away, and they were able to cancel my order. PHEW! Other than that, so far, so good!

I did something similar once while I was on my mission. My goal was to NOT buy any clothes/shoes the whole time, and I actually did it! I had to buy a new white undershirt mid-way through my mission, but other than that, no new clothes or shoes! I survived by borrowing from other sisters, and "shopping" in the sisters' closet at the mission home, sorting through any goodz left over by sisters who'd gone home.

I think in addition to saving me some $$, this challenge will help me be more creative with what I already own (and motivate me to fit into things I haven't fit into in a while? Ha!). Maybe I'll learn to sew so I can alter items I don't wear frequently, bc they don't fit me properly? (You know, in my loads of spare time?) And I definitely see clothing swaps in my future! I don't have a "sisters' closet" this time, but the past few clothing swaps I've participated in have been fun. Let me know if you're interested!

#TheYearWithoutShopping, I am SO going to own you! 1 month down, 11 to go.


  1. "This challenge will help me be more creative with what I already own"...I say that all the time, when "challenge" stands for "not doing laundry for a month." You go girl!

  2. Ooo, don't go into the stores just to look, that will kill you! Staying out the stores made it so much easier for me to *almost* achieve my goal to do this last year.


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