January 07, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was beautiful this year. I loved spending time with loved ones, eating good food, and.... watching my siblings open their Christmas pajamas! (More on that later.)

The reason for the season (also, I scored this Nativity at Deseret Book's after-Christmas sale, and I LOVE it!)

These little stinkers are always one of the best parts about going home:

And they make good little kitchen helpers! Well, at least Chris does. ;)

The spread. Turkey cooked by yours truly (well, by the oven, really), with lots of help from Baby-est Brother.

Per Latin tradition, we eat dinner late at night on the 24th, and we stay up 'til midnight to open presents. As I've gotten older, my favorite part has become watching everyone else open their presents. It's pretty awesome to wrack your brain, picking out just the right gift, and then to see the expression on someone's face -- you know, the one I'm talking about -- the one where you KNOW you done good with that gift. It's pretty much the best.

The best one this year was my mother. She's usually one of the hardest people for me to shop for, because she's so darn picky! Her tastes are very particular, and whenever you ask her what she wants for Christmas, she doesn't give an answer. This year when I asked her, she actually had an answer! And being the clever fox that I am, I hemmed and hawed about how crazy expensive her request was, and then of course, I went out and bought it. Heh heh! I made sure I threw in a few extra "holy moly, how expensive!" comments when I got home, and lo and behold, I fooled my mother! She was shocked and definitely touched when she opened her gift. It was pretty great. :)

normal family photo
awkward family photo (heh heh!)

OK, OK, and now for the BEST moment (drumroll)...

The moment the kids all opened their Christmas pajamas!! I give you my siblings (and my sister's husband) and me, in all our onesied glory! I even made sure to get one for my missionary brother, so he can wear it when he gets home next this year. (Note the creepy cardboard cutout from my sister's wedding.)

Did I not say it was glorious??

Greatest super heroes ever. (Did you see those capes??)

Christmas also involved pups,

more food,

leftover turkey soup
hot beverages... mmmm...

Annnnd making Spencer watch The Nutcracker with me on Netflix!

It really was just lovely. :) I hope your Christmas was, too!

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  1. Those pajamas are amazing!! So glad you had such a great Christmas!


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