June 19, 2013

My Sister's Wedding

I went home to Utah last week for...

my sister's wedding!!

As is usually the case when you're part of the bride's or groom's family, it was a little crazy, so I didn't do the greatest job documenting the event (thank goodness for the real photographer, right??), but I'll share what I've got. :) I also failed to remember my REAL camera, soooo get ready for a lot of iPhone shots! Whooo!

So, one thing that my sister did brilliantly was to decide to have an afternoon ceremony (aka I got to sleep in AND there was still enough time to get ready! In fact, I had so much extra time, I even had time to make a flower crown (see below)!). I've always said I wanted to do this, but after experiencing the results from HER wedding, I am DEFINITELY getting sealed (married) in the afternoon!

I finished the flower crown on the car ride down while my sister chatted away with the groom.
My sister and her now-husband were sealed in the beautiful Salt Lake LDS Temple (same place my BFF was sealed to her hubster last year, 'member?). I've been privileged to attend the sealings of various friends and family members over the past six years, and I'm always amazed by the simplicity -- and yet the profoundness -- of the ceremony. The actual ceremony lasts but a few minutes. But the impacts of that sealing ceremony will last into the eternities.

Speaking of eternity, that's basically how long my sister took to get dressed after her sealing. We waited and waited and waited and.... waited (sing it to the tune of that "Pioneer Children" song about how they walked and walked and walked and... walked), and nothin'. They took so long, two other couples came out before them (one of whom were sealed AFTER Kim and Daniel were!). We started feeling a little crazy.

This is my dad's mother (whom I met for the first time  (since I was a baby) at the wedding... Long story...), wearing the OTHER flower crown I made.

And finally, they were OUT!!

Seeesters. My mom says all she ever wanted was two girls, and that's what she got. The three boys were just an added bonus. ;)

The real photoG took some real photoS outside the temple, but these are my iPhone versions:

Dad, Kim, Mom


My oldest brother couldn't be at the wedding, bc he is on a mission for our Church right now, so we made a cardboard cutout of him for the photos. :)

That concludes the Temple portion of our photos. Now, the reception. But first! A story about my sister's wedding shoes. She really wanted to wear Toms. Specifically, yellow Toms. more specifically, yellow CROCHET Toms. Unfortunately, no such Toms were to be had. BUT! Through a stroke of good luck at 10pm the night before the wedding (Thanks, Mom, for not buying milk, so I had to run to the store!), we found THESE:

Thanks, Walmart!

And thanks to Christopher's brilliant suggestion inspired by my own DIY Toms, we decided to PAINT them yellow! And Kim loved them!

And now that I look back through my phone, I actually failed even more at the reception. It was so crazy and busy, that I apparently only took three shots. Oh, well. (Again, this is why we hire professional photographers and not one's sister to document our celebrations.)

First dance!
Baile del dolar
I was SO done with heels at this point. (Thanks, Gap City Flats!) Also, she makes me feel TALL.
In conclusion, happy wedding day, Kim & Daniel! I sure hope your photographer did a better job at capturing your day than I did!*

** Though to my credit, I failed to take photos, but I DID nag the real photographer (well, maybe not nag... How about, "gently prod?") now and again to make sure he captured certain moments I knew K & D would want photographed. Go, me!

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