June 16, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding (Part 1)

No, not this one. Last Saturday, I got to be Maid of Honor at my best friend's wedding.  I've known her since I was 18 (I was her college RA- ha!), and we've been through a lot of things (good, bad, ugly...) together. She and I are as different as night and day, but I love her so, so much, and I was so happy to be with her on this most important day!

It was REALLY windy, so please pardon my hairs!

When Lupita and Ulises started dating, she and I shared a crappy, cinder-block walled, one-bedroom apartment near the U, and I was in my last semester of undergrad. Two and a half years later, my felicitaciones go to Ulises for his success in getting such an amazing, smart, beautiful, ambitious, and sassy (ay, pero como!) wife. Believe me, many tried and many failed; so it speaks highly of Ulises que Lupita even se halla fijado en el!

The three of us, doing our homeworks, Fall Semester 2009.

We've come a long way, eh? And now, wedding day photos. Of course, Lupe was AN HOUR LATE to her own sealing! (She also took, like, a whole other hour to get ready and finally come out of the temple AFTER the ceremony, but what's new, right?)

The poor groom waiting for the bride at the Salt Lake temple, wondering if she got cold feet! (Kidding.)

No worries, though. She made it! The sealing ceremony was simple (aren't the most important things always just... simple?) but beautiful. I'm actually surprised I didn't cry.


The bride and groom coming out of the temple after the ceremony. They did it! (Finally!)

Dress #1 (Yep, she had two dresses. Photos of Dress #2 to come in Part 2 of this post.)

Walking on the Temple Grounds to take photos.

The bride's 90-year old grandma came all the way from Mexico for the wedding- BY CAR!!

The bride's family. Missing her brother, Junior, who is serving in the BEST MISSION EVER! (Oakland-San Fran, duh!)

The bride and her proud parents

Los novios con la mama de Ulises

Lots of Latin kisses!

Gorgeous dress shot! 

Look how happy they look!


OK, guys. That's enough... Get a room already! (No, really.)

Me dio tanta felicidad no solo que se hayan casado, pero que se hayan sellado en el templo por tiempo y por toda eternidad.

This is such an important tenet of our faith, and it makes me happy to know that she has found the person she'll be with for time and all eternity. (All eyes are on you, Uli.)

CONGRATULATIONS, Lupita and Ulises!

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