May 05, 2013

May (Thus Far)

I know, I know. We're only five days into May, but here's some stuff from the last few days:

>>> My friend Jason got engaged this weekend! Back in September, we had a conversation about how much he liked this girl, but he was afraid to ask her out, etc. etc.. She was really nice to everyone, so he couldn't tell if she actually LIKE liked him, or if she was just being her usual nice, friendly self. I told him to not be a chicken and just ask her out! The worst that could happen was she'd say no, etc., and he did it! He asked her out! And guess what?? She LIKE liked him! And now they're engaged!! The moral of this story? 

"When in doubt, ask her(/him?) out!"

Remember this adorable picture of me with them from this post??

>>> Camille and I wore our Saltwaters! It was a hard decision choosing to buy the fuschia pair (mostly because I'm afraid of looking like I'm six years old), but I love the color, so whatevs! Who cares if I meet a six-year old with the same shoes, right? (Right??)

For reference, I wear a size 6 shoe, but the size 4 kids fits great! If you wear up to a size 7 in women's and are interested in buying a pair of these sandals, let me HIGHLY suggest you buy the kids' sizes. They're usually cheaper, and they look exactly the same! Also, AMAZON has Saltwaters for cheaper than anywhere else I've seen! (I paid just over $20 for mine!) This is the link I used. (Don't worry; it has adult sizes in a few colors!) You can see the price has gone up from when I bought mine, but they're still a pretty good deal!

>>> Steph and I rode our bikes to church again! (And this time, we rode them back, too!) In hindsight, it probably wasn't the smartest idea to ride 13 miles roundtrip on Fast Sunday (I may have had a few sips of water when I got home... Ooops.), but it was so fun! I look forward to many such bike to church outings this summer!

Guys, I rode in a PENCIL SKIRT! High fives for all! (photo by Steph)
(photo by Steph)

>>> I watched my friend Ali's little girl for a few hours one morning. Ali just had a brand new baby boy, and I wanted to give her a few hours off from double-baby duty. But this woman, I tell you, she is definitely an overachiever. What did she do with her morning off? Did she take a nap? Relax? Take some me-time? Nope! She painted her front door! Crazy girl...

Isn't her daughter adorable?? Such a cute, smart kid!

>>> I finished a paper for one of my  classes that literally took every ounce of courage and faith and energy I had to finish... I even resorted to googling "Grad school inspiration," because I felt SO demotivated... What I found was actually pretty amazing. There's a website called, and I did a little trickery to find the puppy version of it! Essentially, there's a space for you to type your paper, and every time you write another 100 words, the website shows you a new photo of an adorable puppy! So brilliant! That and Spotify (and God? praying? Gah!) are what helped get me through one of the hardest, most frustrating papers of my grad school career...

>>> The CES Fireside tonight (CES = Church Educational System. These "firesides" are 1-hour broadcasts targeted to young single Mormons. The speaker usually picks a topic (such as faith, etc.) and gives a talk about it.) was A- awesome. B- about President Monson. (Pres. Monson is the current Prophet and President of the LDS Church.) My favorite part was when Elder Walker said President Monson is a lot like Nephi. Why? Well, you may or may not know that Nephi is my BoM (Book of Mormon) "crush." (I know... That's SUCH a nerdy Mormon thing to have!) Nephi is just the greatest! He's faithful and obedient, he likes to learn and asks questions, he's ever the optimist, he's "large in stature" (I maybe like tall men? Yes, I know I'm 5 feet tall...), what's not to love?? President Monson is equally amazing. And let's not forget he's a UTE! ICYMI or want to watch it again, the broadcast is available online here.

Aren't President Monson and his wife just the cutest??  (via)
Speaking of everyone's favorite spiritual crushes, how adorable is this photo of young President Uchtdorf?? (Pres. Uchtdorf is another LDS Church leader.)


>>> I got hit on at the public library on Friday (where I spent the ENTIRE day. 10am-6pm...). A guy came up to me and asked if I'd watch his laptop while he ran out to his car. I said sure. Then he handed me a note that said, "Hello, I couldn't help noticing you, because I found you quite beautiful. By the way, my name is  (something illegible that starts with an A?), and if possible, I'd love for us to get to know each other and possibly exchange contact info. Regards, A?)" It was all very unusual. Unfortunately, I was NOT interested, but I made sure to be kind and gracious in my response, because it takes a lot of guts to walk up to a stranger and say that... Also, it made me wish Mormon men would be as assertive as non-Mormon men. Confidence is attractive, fellas! Try it some time!

And with that, I'm off to bed. I'm working for a few hours in the morning and then studying for my LAST FINAL OF THE SEMESTER!!! Think of me at 7pm and say a li'l prayer for me?


  1. So much about this that is WONDERFUL!!! THE LIBRARY!!!! (Take notes, EQ).. The Rices!!!! Uchtdorf!!! Puppies!!! Bikes!!!


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