October 09, 2012

Refreshing My Soul

I once learned that in Mormonism, the term "soul" describes the union of one's body and one's spirit. This weekend, my soul was refreshed.

General Conference provided my spirit with the opportunity to refocus my priorities and to gain new insights on my life right now and my life according to God's plan for me. (I'll share more about this in a later post.)

I also enjoyed hop-scotching in between sessions and eating breakfast with friends before the Sunday morning session.

Right after the last session of Conference on Sunday evening, I left with a group of friends to go camping in Shenandoah National Park. It was so fun! and so GORGEOUS. and SO. unbelievably. COLD!! But being in nature, sitting around a campfire making s'mores, swapping stories with friends, and hiking to see the beautiful fall colors was just what I needed to feel physically rejuvenated.

We spent at least half the morning huddled like this for warmth!

It was a great weekend. Many thanks to Julie for organizing the trip!

As a parting bonus, please enjoy this musical video from our car ride home (featuring Rosie, Caitlin, and Nils!), to the tune of Katy Perry's "Firework." :) I promise you'll be glad you clicked!

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