April 29, 2013

The Weekend

This weekend, I:

- Ate a lot of oatmeal and mashed potatoes. I'm still not up to eating actual meals... (Though I did eat a bit of pasta salad and frozen pizza on Sunday. And chocolate-chip blondies. I definitely ate one of those!)

- Played softball with the Utah alumni team! We lost both games, but the real story is what happened to one of our team members. She just had a baby eight weeks ago, and in the middle of our first game, she was playing shortstop and got hit in the face with a ball! Her sunglasses shattered, and the glass shards spread across her face. Needless to say, she was gushing blood (like... GUSHING. I was actually surprised to see how instantly red her face was from the blood... Not a sight for weak stomachs, folks. I was torn between fascination and marveling how much more blood she could have still in her.) and the diagnosis was that she'd probably need stitches. She's amazing, though; she didn't even cry! Not a single tear! She iced her face, her husband bandaged her, and she kept playing! And then, as if that weren't enough, she nursed her baby between innings! I guess compared to giving birth recently, a softball to the face was NBD? idk, but she's incredible!

Bucket list item: check!

- Rode my bike! 

On Saturday, for 4 miles (roundtrip) from the metro to the Mall for softball. 

Photos like this sure make me wish I could afford one of THESE helmets! My hair would look infinitely better...

And on Sunday, Stephanie and I rode 6.3 miles to church! In our skirts! (NOT in heels. They got to ride in my basket. :D)

Anyone have non-ghetto suggestions for how to properly attach my rigged bike basket?

- Took a 2-hour nap on Sunday. I think I overestimated my state of "getting better," and I wasn't feeling so hot on Sunday.

- Did a lot of homework... Being sick for an entire week means you lose a lot of precious time for schoolwork and real work. 

- Met with my friend's boss re: filling in for a bit as her personal assistant. She seems really nice, and I'm definitely grateful for the chance to make a little extra $$ (that Turkey trip sure isn't gonna pay for itself!).

- Tried to prepare myself for the coming week. This meant weekly planning (yep, like a missionary), errands (groceries, more drugs and such), cooking (pasta salad, beans, mashed cauliflower and potatoes (are you seeing the squishy food pattern here?), choc-chip white bean blondies), and committing to sleep at LEAST 6 hours (maybe 7?) every night this week. 

This is how I'm planning my life these days. Via tape and post-its on my bedroom wall. It's super helpful!

I have a presentation in class tonight, a final project/presentation for tomorrow night's class, a final exam on Wednesday, a final project due Friday, and a final exam next Monday. The end is in sight!! Wish me luck! Food/back massages/prayers welcome! ;)

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