April 23, 2013

Some Things That Happened in March

School and other things have kept me extra busy these past few months, and my poor blog has been sorely neglected. Lemme take some time to catch you up on the month of March. This is what happened in March (besides my 4-year mission mark, Amish country, overboard Target-shopping, etc.):

I learned how to make bagels!!

I jumped on the "coconut oil" bandwagon. (Because it's apparently cool right now to slap this stuff all over your food AND your face.)

My sister GOT ENGAGED!!

I saw the David(-Apollo) WITH David.

I decked out our table for Easter, and the color yellow made me smile! (And Mara included this in one of her "yellow happiness" posts!)

yellow daffodils + yellow easter chicken = :D

I made a Union Jack cake for Stephanie's birthday!

If you look closely (and squint a little?), you can see the criss-cross of the Union Jack in the bottom photo.

I (finally) went on a date to Take 5! So fun! (It was on my DC Bucket List, remember?)

I braided my hair and matched my lip color to my shoes. (What? No one else does that?)

Cliche on SO many levels...

I applied for graduation and ordered my regalia!!

(and then I took a picture with George in my Utah gear after getting out of the gym.)

Shum Shum came to visit!

I went to a CHEESY 90's themed party with some friends.

They had a "glamour shots" booth! Clearly, I cannot keep a straight face...

We said auf wiedersehen to Torben, who finished his thesis early and moved back to Germany to work for die Gruene.

The weatherpeople said it was going to snow... and it actually DID!!

SHOCKED that the weatherpeople were right!
I baked cinnamon rolls for Easter brunch at Melanie's.

This was pre-baking & pre-icing

My visiting teacher was awesome.

After three years of living here, I finally made it to the National Kite Festival!

You can't see it, buuuut that's a Barbie kite! #notashamed

April's been good so far, too. Maybe I'll catch you up on it one of these days. ;)

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  1. Aww, so glad you liked it!! Looks like March, in spite of all the craziness, ended up being fun too!


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