March 20, 2013

What Happens to Me When I Go to Target

In case you didn't know it, I'm a most excellent shopper! Last night, I went to Target to get some of this:

But, as always, Target SUCKED ME IN, and I ended up ALSO coming back with all of this:

You should have seen all the stuff I DIDN'T buy! Does it make it better if I say I used TWO coupons?

I blame C-lin for not coming with me. ;)

In my defense, how can you pass up salt/pepper shakers shaped like a rabbit and an Easter chicken?? Which obviously meant that I needed to buy black pepper... And you can never have too much craft glitter (only $1.25!)... or too many socks (3 pairs for $1.78!)! And I've been needing glue sticks for ages. Also, the ice cream was only $3.25 (and ice cream and ibuprofen just go together sometimes, amiright? tmi? meh.), and the shoes were (wait for it) $5.96! Less than $6! How was I to pass them up?? And umm, I was out of milk and eggs anyway. Also, I decided last night that it's time to finally become an adult and start taking one-a-day vitamins. (Are you proud, Mom? You've only been telling me for about 10 years now.) And guys, I know that shirt is WAY out of my regular price range, but I used a $5 off coupon, plus my wardrobe has been chambray-less for long enough, so it's all good, right?? Oh, and why did I buy sweet hot mustard? Because it was $1.24, of course! (And for the pretzel-making party I've been wanting to host ever since returning from Amish Country!)


You win this time, Target. (OK... Let's be honest; probably next time, too. Unless Caitlin comes?)

PS I also did this yesterday (BEFORE I bought the < $6 shoes):

Homemade hot pink Toms!
I've been wanting another pair of Toms for summer, but due to the grad school thing + the "My Car Failed Emissions and Then My Tire Exploded, Too" thing PLUS the "I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A ONE-WEEK STUDY ABROAD IN TURKEY THIS SUMMER (but it costs a million dollars)" thing (but YAY anyway!), it just ain't in the cards. I decided to get all crafty and revamped my two current pairs. I haven't yet decided if I'm "done" with the silver ones (I made them shiny again with a coat of metallic silver spray paint and sprayed the soles metallic gold), but I patched up my red ones (rather clumsily, I might add. Oh, well.) and turned them hot pink! I sprayed the soles a dark gray, taped them off, and used hot pink acrylic paint and a sponge brush to paint the red canvas hot pink. :)

And then I bought new green canvas shoes. Oh, well. Can't say I didn't try!

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