October 04, 2012


This is a shopping post about... using Scoutmob! Specifically, using Scoutmob to find cheap and awesome things to eat (and sometimes to buy or do) in DC. Last Friday, I went to dinner with two of the best former roommates a girl could ask for. And thanks to Scoutmob, we did it on the cheap!

In case you haven't heard of it, Scoutmob is a rad website/app that allows you to get amazing deals at local DC eateries. (You can even search by neighborhood, AND it includes Arlington, Alexandria, and Montgomery County.) It's not like Groupon, where you have to purchase a voucher. It's more like... a coupon! You just show them your phone (or printed coupon), and you get a discount!

Most deals are for 50% off your total bill (which is incredible!), but every now and then, there'll be an offer that's completely FREE. Friday night, we used Scoutmob to eat at Madhatter. I've eaten here before, but I was glad to go again for even cheaper. Here's what we got:

Pork sliders
Huge order (I promise it was bigger than it looks) of sweet potato fries with three sauces
Appetizer sampler of edamame, hummus, and spinach artichoke dip with pita
Chicken nachos with all the trimmings!

We got all of this for $21! And we split it three ways! AMAZING!

The next day, some friends and I ate a cheap lunch courtesy of Scoutmob and Penn Social. I've decided Penn Social would be a fun spot for a casual date. It's a sports bar, so, of course, there are giant TV screens for game-watching.

Mirror pictures are fun.
My view from the bar. Advice: pick a different seat if you actually care about seeing the screen.
There's an entire downstairs with arcade games, more bar space, giant projector screens, and ample seating.

AND the best part (aside from the friendly service from the manager and the fact that my beef brisket sub was excellent, especially when I added hummus!) is they have board games you can play!! Board games!!

There were more games, but this is the only picture I got.

Basically, I'm saying that I'd make a great date planner, and that if you want to have fun in DC on the cheap, you should download the Scoutmob app, like, yesterday.

Happy eating!

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