April 24, 2012

No, You Can't Marry Both of Us- or Either of Us, For That Matter

This is the story of Whitney's birthday party, also known as "the time neither of us married that one guy." The plan was to meet at Madhatter's for dinner and dancing (at 10pm, they clear out the tables and chairs, and turn the place into a dance party... or so we were told). Our group consisted of Ryan, Jesse, Alex, Kelli, Whitney, and me, and we enjoyed ourselves most thoroughly.

The birthday girl!
Adorable mini teacups. Too bad it wasn't herbal tea. 
Themed decor.
B-day ice cream! B-day girl doesn't like cake.

When 10pm rolled around and the dance party "started," no one was dancing! They were all just standing 'round the bar! We were shocked! Look how empty it was:

Not a dance.
So we decided to bar hop. Five bars later, we discovered that no one in the entirety of Dupont Circle was dancing anywhere that night. Apparently 11pm is too early to start the party on a Saturday night.

While we did not get to dance anywhere, we did meet an interesting young man at Lucky Bar. Since no one was dancing, I figured I'd at least strike up a conversation with a not-unattractive stranger. We looped Whitney in, too, and then the conversation turned a little something like this:

Guy: So where are you girls from?
Me: Utah.
Guy: Are you girls Mormon?
Us: Yep.
Guy: Does that mean I can marry both of you?
Us: Umm, no. (Actually, Whitney said, "No." I said, "Not at the same time," which -- for the record -- is not the right way to answer this question.)

Clearly this was not love at first ignorant question for either of us, and we soon parted ways. We continued to celebrate Whitney with much pomp and great circumstance, holding ever so tenderly in our hearts the memory of the ignorant boy who clearly knows nothing about Mormons.


  1. Hahaha I love this!!! And grl, I'm so sad about the lack of dancing, too!!

  2. Ha ha! Such an awesome night :) Thanks Yandary!


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