October 16, 2012


It's official. I have embraced the jegging. And I am NOT looking back! 

(PS That last shot was supposed to be an aerial view of my  jeggings, but it didn't work. But hey, look! My red heart!)


When I was in second grade, I used to put my pencils in my hair for safekeeping (pencil cases were SO first grade) like this (except picture LOTS of curly hair and some sort of bow or ribbon):

And then I'd forget where I'd put my pencil! And I'd frantically search high and low... Only to have someone ask me what I was looking for, and then laugh at me point out that my pencil was on top of my head!

Well, today, I lost my crochet hook while I watched the presidential debate. Guess where it was? You guessed it: my head. I can't believe this is still a problem.

That is all. Good night!


  1. LEGGINGS IN PUBLIC <3 <3 <3 Seriously love that sweater!

    ...I've done the same thing with my glasses, but probably not as much as you ;)

    1. Ha ha! Hey now! I don't lose my glasses on my head. Just... Everything else. :) Ha ha. And YES for leggings in public! Jeggings are the perfect compromise between trying to look like I sort of tried annnd still feeling like I'm wearing PJ's. It's a win-win! :)


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