September 01, 2012

What I Did in Utah

  • Made cookies and played board games:

I told them they couldn't eat them right away, and this is what happened.
I know, I know! This is so immature, but we all laughed so hard!
  • Drove through upper campus at the U to see the good ol' residence halls (aka my 1st home in SLC).

The H.C.! Where I ate all my meals for THREE whole school years... Oh, man.

  • Took a "coffee break" with the BFF.

This is what "coffee break" means to Mormon girls. :)
I love us in our work clothes. :)
The view when you first get off the Riverdale Rd exit on I-15. (I know... I shouldn't take pictures while driving!)

  • Got crafty with my brothers:

Spencer can use a sewing machine better than I can! (Which isn't hard, since I don't know how to use one.) He was sewing a present for my mom. (See photo below for finished product!)
Finally cutting up my old college t-shirts to make a quilt!
I realized too late that I probably should have cut all the pieces the same size... Ooops.
Hello from Chris!

  • Saw James Harden and Kevin Durrant on Jimmy Fallon:

  • Celebrated my MOM'S (52ND) BIRTHDAY!! :D

Is it cheesy to be making shaped pancakes for my mom?  Ha ha. :)
Birthday lunch at Costa Vida
Everyone gave her flowers. :)


The little gray rabbit is Spencer's final project! :) Cute, no?

Boys will be boys. :)

A video of the happy birthday-ness:

Sister + bf

  • Took a fake (for me) nap in the car

They really WERE asleep. They always fall asleep on me. I wonder why... Ha ha.
  • And then I flew back to DC.

Can you spot the Mississippi River? (Also, I totally just Em-Eye-Ess-Ess-Eye-Ess-Ess-Eye-Pee-Pee-Eye'd that.)

Also, hello from Ringo and Jaxie! BB wanted me to e-mail him a video of the pups on his P-Day, and now you get to see it, too. :)

Utah, you're pretty rad. :)

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