August 08, 2012


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For those of you who maybe have been living under a rock for the past week and a half... The Olympics are here! And they're almost over. :( I love this time every four (or two) years. We all forget about the things that make us different (for two weeks) and focus on what makes us Americans/Britons/Brazilians/insert-your-country-of-choice-here, and ultimately, what brings us together as citizens of the world. After the horrible Aurora shootings, I think we definitely needed something like this... You know, to cheer for gold medalists like Michael Phelps (also known as C-lin's former boyfriend), Ryan Lochte (aka C-lin's current bf), Nathan Adrian (aka, well, see photo below. :D), the FAB FIVE and Bethesda's very own (plus the many, many other AMAZING American athletes I've left off this list). When tragedies strike, it seems we have a tendency to join together and become more unified as a nation (like after 09/11). I love that the Olympics do this, too, but in a way that is completely, 100% positive.

Due to my being being MIA last week, I didn't get to post about when I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with some friends:

Look how great their decorations were! (Props to Alex & company. And thank you for having us over!)
In support of the Games, I wore my British-inspired Miley Cyrus t-shirt, which you sadly can't see.
Massaging is our Olympic sport. :)

And now for some Olympics humor!

Now you're just some countries that I used to own.
 Also, these:

Hee hee (Source.)

Cool Olympic art:


Some funny tweets I saw after the Opening Ceremonies:

  • "If Puerto Rico (and dude, American Samoa... seriously) gets to represent itself in the Olympics, how come DC doesn't? #NeverRepresented"
  • "I think I saw Mitt Romney marching for the Cayman Islands in the Olympics parade." 

A cool post about Olympic Google doodles from my friend Winter (like the season).

AND finally, in case you missed it, THIS was the very BEST part of the Opening Ceremonies!

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