June 19, 2012

Sunday in DC

Well, you saw what a Sunday looked like at home in Utah. Here's what last Sunday looked like in DC.

I started out my day by going to church, of course. I'm so glad we go every week, because even though I've grown up learning about the gospel my whole life, I seem to forget mid-week what it is I'm supposed to be doing or working on. Sundays are always a good reminder for me of positive changes I can make in my life and how I can draw closer to God.

I invited a friend over for lunch, and we had a good catch-up chat. (Where have you been for the past ten years, Ginna?!)

Then, of course, I called my dad for Father's Day (Feliz Día, Dad!) and chatted with him for a bit.

Later that afternoon, I decided to visit a friend in Virginia. On the way, I stopped by the U.S. Air Force Memorial. It's been on my "List of Thing to do in DC" for the past two years, and since it was on the way, and I had some time, I figured why not stop?

I've heard that these are supposed to look like three air force jets taking off, but IDK if it's true.
I DO know that they represent the Air Force's three core values, but more on that later.

FRIZZY hairs!

Apparently, I stick up my left pinky when I take photos?

After some moments of somber reflection (again, more to come), I finally made my way to Liz's house.

We have YET to take a good photo of the two of us. When will we learn? (Or when will we become photogenic??)

Then we were invited to a BBQ with some of the people in Liz's church congregation in Virginia. I didn't take pictures of the BBQ, BUT what I did take pictures of is this ridiculous Christmas card from the BYU Management Society. Here is reason #4,873 the U is better than BYU. Kidding! (No, but really.)

Yep, those are really pictures of the deans. Very classy. (Did I mention... Bah ha ha!)

And OH-MY-GOSH it played music! Made my night! (I need to use the video feature of my phone more.)

After that BBQ, I joined up with another friend for a picnic on the Mall.

The carousel looks creepy at night, doesn't it?

Washington Monument behind us = proof that we're really on the Mall. :)

I ended my Sunday night by dropping by some friends' apartment and chatting with Steph and Ali before heading to my place across the street.

So, I guess what Sundays here and Sundays at home have in common is first, spiritual upliftment, followed closely by food, people I love, and good times. :) I should throw in a Sunday nap, and then how could anyone argue there's a better day of the week?!

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