June 18, 2012

Last Sunday at Home

This is what last Sunday looked like at home:

Pool Time at the hotel in Park City (*Note: A toe-touch is much easier to do when you're underwater! Also, underwater pictures are courtesy of my baby brother's schmancy new camera.)

Followed by Sunburn Time :(

Followed by Church Time (aka Making faces at church while waiting for the Spanish
Sacrament meeting in Park City to start. They were 15 min late. Latin time, they said.)

Then some Backyard Swing Time at home with Chris.

Dog Time

Goofing Off Time

Duck Pond Picnic Time with Dad

Also, some Goose Time

And some Admiring-the-Weber-State-Campus Time.

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  1. Love how cute you and your family are! So glad you were able to hang out with them this week!


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