May 22, 2012


Saturday night, our congregation had a dime-a-dip dinner and bake-a-date auction. I'm still not sure what dime-a-dip means, but I DID make a potato salad for it, and I know all the $$ we raised goes to help the homeless in Montgomery County.

For the bake-a-date auction, the boys baked cakes, and the girls bid on them (again, for charity). Now, each guy gets to take the girl who bought his cake out on a date.

While I did not buy a cake, the event was a lot of fun, and I was really impressed by the boys' creativity.

The chicas, perusing the cakes pre-auction.
(Photo courtesy of Alex)

Lovely ladies! (Photo also courtesy of Alex)

And now, the cakes:

Germany chocolate (get it?) cake, Just Say Yes cake,
Black Forest Cherry cake, Pistachio/Lemon Curd cake

Cupcake monsters, Mr. Jeremiah (I don't get it?, delicious fruit cake,
patriotic cake (these last two look delicious! I'm in a berry/fruit
phase right now.
Chichen Itza, Kit Kat fort, Seth's secret family recipe,
and Ryan's NY cheesecake (which was DELICIOUS, btw)

Strawberry Lemonade cake, Chocolate fort cake,
Eternal Marriage cake, and just for kicks, my potato salad :)

The competition was rough during the auction, but Kelli was a fantastic auctioneer.
Also, the cake winners with their dates. :D

Have fun on your dates, everyone!

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  1. I love all the stripes being rocked in the photo of the girls by the stage! I love our trendy ward!! Those cakes look great!


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