June 08, 2016

Running With Boys

Before I delve into the title of this post, please let it be noted – and let the whole world celebrate – that I am a runner once more! After so much time not being able to RUN, of visiting chiropractors, physical therapists, even an orthopedist at one point, I AM RUNNING!! Slowly, but surely. And I am grateful for it!

Now, about running with boys... I have never been an athletic person. This is one of the many reasons I love running. I am slow, but I am dedicated. If I start a run, I will keep running until I am done. That might mean slowing down to a painfully turtle-y pace, but dangitt, I keep running! Needless to say, my slowness means me whilst running does not = me at my finest. So a few weeks ago, when, gasp, a boy, wanted to run with me, I was really hesitant to let him! A- I'm just getting back into running, so I'm extra, extra out of shape... B- This is a boy who is athletic and in much better shape than I am. A boy who rock climbs and plays squash and soccer and such nearly every day. And generally, boys seem to be more athletic than I am, and this one was especially so.

But I had recently read this article (so good!) and remembered this part in particular:

When we first date somebody, we may try to mask our faults and make ourselves as appealing as possible. To develop an honest relationship, however, we must move beyond superficial appearances and allow our true selves to emerge. 

And I was like, awww, crap. My true self in this case = me red-faced, breathless, and sweaty, whilst trudging slowly up the Salt Lake hills, trying desperately to look cool whilst also improving my health. Too soon, I thought... Too soon! But I did it anyway. We went running, and probably due to being so intimidated to run with him, I actually ended up running faster than I normally do. I was red-faced, breathless, and sweaty, but he still seemed to like me at the end, and it was actually kind of fun! Plus, we played on our tire swing afterwards, so that was a win.

I guess what this experience taught me is that it is important to be vulnerable, even in things that might seem trivial. It's scary to open up and let someone see your weaknesses and insecurities, your flaws and all the things you're trying to improve. But how else will they get to know the real you? Odds are, just as you don't completely disregard someone for having a minor flaw, they won't do that to you either, and you'll feel closer to the other person and you'll feel validated, all because you were able to just be you. :)

Running with Boys
A word of advice: if you're going to take a photo, take it BEFORE you go on the run, not AFTER. #fail

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