October 29, 2015

Carpe Diem or Impulse Shopping Gone Wrong? (Harry Potter & the Cursed Child)

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Sooooo... It looks like I'm going to London! I signed up last week for VIP earlybird ticket access for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the 8th installment in the Harry Potter series, but in play form), which will be playing in London starting next summer. Of course, I wanted to buy tickets, but I didn't make time to think things through.

When I realized yesterday how IN DEMAND tickets were (at one point, there were almost 35,000 people ahead of me in the ticket queue!), I sort of just... went for it! I bought four tickets! Which means.... It's time to save up my pennies for a plane ticket/hotel/transportation/etc. next fall! Annnnnd I need to recruit three adventurous friend to come with me! (Or one adventurous friend, and I'll sell the other two tickets?)

In conclusion... Woo hoo!! London/Harry Potter/Prince Harry, here I come!

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