August 05, 2015

Isn't it Ironic? (And Also Jordan Came to Town!)

I find it of the utmost irony that the day after I published my last post, I had great need to heed my own WORDS from that post, as a promising relationship came unexpectedly to an end. (dating is. the WORST. thing. EVER!!!)

The older I get, and the more I unsuccessfully date, the more I'm tempted to become jaded and lose hope, but I'm grateful that my own stinkin' words posted yesterday were a source of comfort to me today.

I'm also grateful to have found peace today in my default place of peace and with these lovely ladies no less:

DC friends at Temple Square

This temple trip was already planned, and I know it was no coincidence that it fell on a day God knew I would desperately need to find peace. I've expressed my feelings about the temple on this blog before (shoot, I have an entire blog label called "Temple"), and it's because I know if I ever need guidance or am looking for peace, I'll find both here.

Now on to something a little more fun.... The REASON for the temple trip was... Jordan came to town! It was SO lovely to get to see her while she was here. Jordan is the kind of friend you can always count on to have something positive and cheerful to say (and something delicious to eat!), to make you feel beautiful when you're not feelin' even remotely cute, to bring you up when you're feeling down, and to immediately come to your rescue when you need it. I'm sad she can't stay longer, but it was lovely to get to see her twice while she was in our lovely Deseret.

The first occasion was a gorgeous and oh-so-delicious garden party hosted by Addison on Sunday night. I mean, seriously, look at this spread! Addison and Jordan cooked EVERYTHING, and Addison and his bf Austin created the tablescape and ambience.

Addison's Garden Party

And oh, my goodness, the food! A zucchini mascarpone gallete. Fresh caprese salad. Yummy risotto. The most beautiful cheese plate. Mixed drinks and mocktails. Salmon a la Addison. a HOMEMADE (from scratch by Jordan!) strawberry rhubarb pie that was everything I'd ever dreamed a pie should be!


I'm grateful again that the Lord saw fit to give me friends, the Temple, and delicious food (SO bad, I know, but I totally ate my feelings today. And by "my feelings," I mean a Neapolitan style pizza + cannoli + two flavors of gelato from Settabello, Shoyu fried chicken and cole slaw from Rye, and the famous Tollhouse pie a la mode from The Dodo in Sugarhouse) on this gloomy day.

What a blessing to have dear friends in town!

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