February 11, 2015

That Time I Decided to Fly to Utah Spur of the Moment

Soooo two weeks ago, I went to LA for work. And I figured hey! I'm close to Utah! Why not go home? And not tell my mom I'm coming? (mwah ha ha! She was so surprised!)

So I changed my return flight and went home!

Naturally, most of my time was spent eating.

State Street taco truck image.png image.png

BUT HEY! Guess what?? I just so *happened* to be home on the last weekend of the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival! Obviously, I had to go. (And mostly bc I've only ever been once before, and I'm on a kick of carpe-ing all the diems and such.)

Since I'd been in LA, I wasn't equipped (clothing-wise) to brave the frigidity of Park City. But thankfully, Ogden is way more awesome than you might think, and our very own Peery's Egyptian Theater was a Sundance venue!

Sundance at Peery's Egyptian Theater! Organ playing at the Egyptian Theater

So I took my family out (except my sister, sad day...)! And BONUS! Camille joined us! We saw I'll See You in My Dreams, and we all LOVED it! (Also, we like the name Blythe.)

Camille and the Zavala's at Sundance Camille and Yándary at Sundance Sundance
SundanceSundance Family at Sundance

It was such a good weekend! Totally worth the exorbitant price I paid, bc I bought my flight with less than 24 hours' notice. And totally worth it to surprise the fam. Mwah ha ha! ¡Hasta la próxima!

PS Check out Camille's account here!

PPS I can't remember who took which photos, but photo creds --> my mom, my brother Jason, and moi. Unless Camille took some also? I can't remember! (Sorry, C$!)