January 23, 2015

Just some thoughts

As a young, single adult, I am well-versed in rejection and the ups -- and mostly downs -- of dating. I've been broken up with, rejected, passed over for a friend, not asked out to begin with, etc. etc. but I recently had an experience that was a first for me.

I've heard of guys who disappear and just never call or text girls back... But it had never happened to me before. Until now...

I was pretty upset about it. He led me to believe he was interested, he was totally on board (or so I thought), etc etc, and then he just... disappeared. Vanished. Poof! The thinnest air. Never heard from him again (it's been three weeks). And he doesn't live in DC, so it's not like I'm just going to run into him on the street or something. Literally nada... 

Anyway, here I've been, 1,800 miles away, stewing and really hating on him... And that first week, I was also down on myself, mostly bc I was (am) so confused. 

But it's fine. I've come to terms, etc etc. (Though if he ever decides to pop back up and explain himself, by all means, pal... You know how to find me.)

But I saw this quote today:

You're worth it

and thought oh, heyyyy, I could've used this three weeks ago. And I loved it. It is SO true! How many times, especially in dating, do we get down on ourselves and think, oh, if he/she could just see how awesome I am, etc etc, and why isn't he/she into me? Blah blah.... That's not productive thinking, my friends. If he/she can't see how awesome you are, that doesn't diminish you in any way. And this little quote is the perfect reminder of that.

Then I also read this great post on A Blog About Love. And I thought... What use is there to be sitting here hatin' on someone? Maybe he got scared? Maybe he... is bad at relationships? Perhaps (obviously) communication isn't his strong suit? I don't know.... But whatever the case, I can choose to not be a hater. I can choose to have compassion -- or to at least stop hatin'. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. All I know is it does me no good to be hatin'. And it's kind of liberating to not.

Basically, what I'm saying is let's just try a little harder to be a little nicer to each other. (And about each other.) Yeah? :) 

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