October 06, 2014

On Being a Big Sister

Big sister

When I was 19, I came home from college for Christmas break. (I mean, I did it every year, but, you know.)

I remember I was in a phase where I'd layer a short-sleeve shirt over a long-sleeve shirt. (Did anyone else do that in the early 2000s? What can I say? It was cold!) I got ready for bed one night, and I put on a pair of sweats, my short-sleeve t-shirt over my long-sleeve Gap undershirt,

My babiest brother, Christopher, was three years old, and he was just old enough to have an opinion about what he was wearing. That night, he told my mother he would put on his own pajamas, thank you very much. She chuckled and told him that was fine, and a few minutes later, Christopher came out wearing... little baby sweats... and a short-sleeved t-shirt layered over a long-sleeved shirt, declaring he wanted to be like Yándary.

A few nights later, I must have been extra cold, because I remember adding a hoodie to my ensemble, with the hood on, for good measure. (I get cold, okay?) This time, Christopher came out with his little pajamas.... and a hoodie. with the hood on.

That's when I truly grasped the meaning, the stewardship, the responsibility of being a big sister. Not even just a big sister, but the oldest sibling.

It scared me to think these little people (I have four of them younger than I am!) were paying attention to my every move and that my example could possibly influence all of them for better or for worse -- even down to what we wore for PJs.

I take my role as oldest sibling very seriously, and I feel pleased, satisfied when my siblings feel they can turn to me for advice, for venting, or in Christopher's case, to buy him birthday presents my parents wouldn't -- ha ha! Which brings me to the whole point of today's post.

Today is Christopher's 14th birthday! It's so crazy to think this not-so-little brother mine is 14, an eighth-grader, and about to star in his first school play next week. He is helpful, he is kind, he is sassy, and he has the biggest heart of almost anyone I know.

I love you, kid. Happy birthday, babiest brother! xoxo

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  1. Love you!!(: this made me tear up, cough cough,



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