September 04, 2014


At the Treasury, that's where.

Our desk

My partner in crime, my VL other half is gone. Of course, I'm really excited for his new opportunity with the Treasury (blah blah blah), but dangitt, I'm going to miss him! I couldn't have asked for a better Communications colleague this last year at VL. I'm better for having worked with, fought with (ha!), and known Jimmy. He became more than just a co-worker, but also a mentor and friend.

Jimmy and Yándary
Yándary and Jimmy

Right now, I think I might even miss being called a cockatoo.

(One time, when I was going to participate in a presidential town hall, Jimmy walked in when I was still in hair & makeup, and the hairdresser was ratting my hair. It was HUGE, and apparently, it frightened Jimmy, who told me, "You look like a cockatoo." Another time, I was getting ready for a last-minute TV interview, and I hadn't done much with my hair that day. I threw it up into what I like to call a "hipster bun," swiped on some lip color + my glasses and was ready to look all librarian-y and smart for my interview. Jimmy walked in and said, "You're gonna fix your hair, right?" On yet another occasion, I was IN the room, ready for an interview (or so I thought), and he walked in, looked at me, and declared, "Don't you have any lipstick?" Me: "I don't WEAR lipstick!" It's a lip stain, Jimmy. Duh! These are the fond memories he's left me with...)

My only complaint is that I still haven't met his dog, Soul. :-/ Good thing he's not dead yet. (Even though this totally sounds like an obituary, doesn't it?)

And just for the record, let it be known that Jimmy's very most FAVORITE thing ever was when I would scootch up next to him and work at his desk. This, he told me, is what he'll miss the very most about working at VL. ;)

Jimmy and Yandary's desk

Enjoy your Yándary-free desk, Jimmy! (Except I know you won't! :P)

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