September 23, 2014

National Voter Registration Day 2014

* If you're already registered to vote, CLICK HERE to retweet a message to your friends to remind them to register to vote. If you're not, keep reading. :)

I'm back at work today, because... It's National Voter Registration Day! 

Have you registered to vote? No? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RIGHT NOW.

Have you moved in the last year? CLICK HERE TO re-REGISTER.

Have you changed your name? (You know, like... if you got married?) CLICK HERE TO re-REGISTER.

Did you just get out of prison? (Ha. You never know...) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Did you just become a citizen? (Congrats!) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Do you hate all the political parties and want to become an Independent? (or just change your party in general?) CLICK HERE TO re-REGISTER.

Need a little extra motivation before you register?

--> Watch THIS, and then


Hooray, democracy!

PS Hi, Roxana!

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