August 12, 2014

VL Miami Power Summit, Part 1

OK, so I have a lot of stuff I want to document on this blog, so pardon please the very out-of-order posts you may see in the next little bit. Consider this one a... Throwback Tuesday?

Miami Power Summit Miami Power Summit

In June, we hosted our second youth leadership conference for work this year. We got to travel to beautiful, sunny.... Miami (at FIU)! It was my first time, and I'm glad I got to enjoy it for at least a day after the conference ended.

But before the touristy stuff, here are a few highlights from the conference.

We kicked off the weekend with a Google Hangout on Friday afternoon about the importance of young people being engaged in their communities. We got to stream live from the Mayor's office, as you can see below.

This Hangout was of particular significance (and stress) for me, and I can't express sufficiently how proud I am of my team and the way we came together to make this successful event happen.

Miami Power Summit

No, but seriously. This Hangout.... It even involved me hoofing it to Best Buy. In the rain. at 9pm. and barely making it out of there with the equipment we needed for the Hangout. Oy...

Miami Power Summit

Applause for my team, pretty please.

Friday night, we held a reception to welcome our participants. As you can see, it was terribly exciting!

Miami Power Summit

And to balance out our Republican Mayor Regalado, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz came to speak during the lunch plenary.

Miami Power Summit
Miami Power Summit

OK, a little about the panel above. Two nights before the conference started, our breakfast keynote speaker cancelled. One day before the conference, the AMAZING Jorge Plasencia (no, seriously. this man is incredible and selfless.) agreed to fill in! He even flew back ON his birthday to make it in time for the session. Love, ponies, and positive vibes for Jorge, please!

Miami Power Summit

Media interviews went well! (Also, check out Wilmer's socks! He said it was intentional and fashion-forward. Ha!) You can see the recordings of the above interview here:

One | Two 

After a full day of amazing sessions and speakers, we closed with a reception at the iconic Freedom Tower.

VL Power Summit at the Freedom Tower

We even had a sweet photobooth.

VL in Miami #VLPowerSummit #VLPowerSummit #VLPowerSummit

We work hard, but we also play hard. VL Power Summit, Part 2 coming soon. :)

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