August 03, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

Ogden temple

Mormon temples are beautiful, impressive, sacred structures. They're reserved for special ordinances (religious ceremonies) and once they are dedicated, they're not open to the general public.

But for a brief period after a temple is completed, anyone is welcome to attend the "open house" and see firsthand just what a Mormon temple is all about.

My home temple (Ogden Utah temple) was recently rebuilt. I was sad to see the old facade go, as it was so unique (except that the Provo temple looks just like it...), but once I saw the new temple in person, I couldn't help but feel excited for it to reopen. :)

The open house started yesterday (Friday, August 1st) and runs until Saturday, September 6th. It truly IS open to anyone, but you have to get a ticket.


Enjoy it for me, you lucky ducks! I'll be excited to worship there next time I'm home post-dedication. For now, here are a couple of shots I took when I was home last month.

Ogden temple

I was there over Independence Day, so capturing the flag in the shot with the temple just seemed fitting. :)

Ogden temple

Annnnd possibly my favorite shot, the temple + a horse!

Ogden temple

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  1. That is so beautiful! Wow, how incredible!


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