August 11, 2014

A Classy Saturday in DC

Saturday, I felt so classy. The very first thing I did when I left my house was meet up with friends to visit the National Gallery of Art.

We saw the only da Vinci in North America, a portrait of Ginevra de' Benci. You should totally click here to read more about the painting, then come back here and swoon with me over how romantic Ginevra's life sounds, what with men commissioning her portrait, asking to swap poetry with her, and even combining their emblems with her symbol on the back of your portrait. Sigh... :)

Ginevra de' Benci by Leonardo da Vinci
Stephie, Ashley, Jeffie, me (da Vinci),  Shara
and beautiful works from other famous artists. 
NGA Saturday
Top left: The Marquesa de Pontejos by Francisco de Goya
Top right: Portrait of a Man in a Tall Hat by Rembrandt van Rijn
Bottom right: The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries by Jacques-Louis David
Bottom left: Dana
 with Eros by Titian, on loan from the Capodimonte Museum in Italy through November

My friend Ashley out together a fantastic scavenger hunt for us, and my only regret is that I didn't have sufficient time to complete it!

I had to leave to meet up in the Sculpture Garden (ahhh, I love DC!!) with 3/5 of my monthly "Girl Group" (missed you, Meli and Caitlin!) I may not have mentioned this group before, but Caitlin and I started the group earlier this year. Essentially, we meet up once a month, and we each share a goal we're working towards. The other four girls provide feedback, advice, encouragement, and resources both at the meeting and throughout the month. Although I am blessed to have supportive friends and family members in my life, it's been really great -- though sometimes scary! -- to have this safe space in which to be vulnerable. And I always leave in complete awe of these four amazing women.

NGA Saturday
Classy Saturday afternoon
Classy Saturday afternoon

Post-Girl Group, Camille and I caught up at Shake Shack with some blueberry lemonade. (and a chocolate-chip Salty Oat cookie from Teaism for the road!)
Cookies and Camille

And Camille took this ridiculously hilarious photo of me, trying to show a serious face. Heh heh.
photo cred: C$Money & her sweet iPhone
After some errands and chores and such, I ended my evening with a solo viewing of the new Daniel Radcliffe rom-com (because when you think of Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe, you think of romance, right?) What If at the Bethesda Row Cinema. It was my first time at this particular theater (it was super posh and had really comfy chairs. AND you get a discount with a student ID. Hello, new favorite theater!) and my first time going to a movie alone (loved it!). The film was quirky and cute, and it made me cry, so it was probably a good thing I was by myself. :)

And I got to enjoy a really great classical violin performance on my way into the theater. This boy had a crowd gathered 'round in front of the Barnes and Noble. He was quite good!

Classy Saturday afternoon
Isn't this just dreamy with the twinkle lights? :)
The perfect end to my classy Saturday. :)

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