May 04, 2014

Reading the Scriptures Chronologically

I've been reading the scriptures chronologically -- or at least my best guess of what the proper chronological order is. I searched online for a timeline of all the LDS scriptures (we read four books -- the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price), but I couldn't find a reliable one.

Actually, the problem is most timelines only feature Book of Mormon chronology. Very few cross-reference ALL of the standard works, and this timeline I found that seemed like it would at least help me sort out the Jaredite timeline cost more than I wanted to pay. (Though the online preview was helpful! Per them, the Jaredite civilization lasted from around 2500-500 BC.) This image from this blog post was also helpful.

So I'm doing my best based on what I know and reading a few things online to get some background info. (Though if anyone has insight on the timeline of the Book of Ether... please send any info., my way!)

I found this interesting chart that explains the lineage of Abraham, and I wanted to save it somewhere, so... here it is. A more detailed explanation for this chart can be found here.

I'm only in Genesis 25 right now, but since I'm going chronologically, I've read a good portion of the Pearl of Great Price, and part of the Book of Ether already. It's been fascinating to read this way! I forget that at the same time as a lot of the events as early as Genesis, there were people in the Americas whose story is told in the Book of Mormon! (I haven't yet read up to where the Jaredites get wiped out in the BoM.)

It was also particularly interesting to read about the Creation across the various accounts (Genesis, Moses, Abraham), and I know there's even more insight to be had in the Doctrine & Covenants! And actually, I stated my reading in Abraham, where Abraham converses with God about the cosmos and the pre-Creation. Such amazing stuff!

And because I want to connect more with my patriarchal blessing, I've also been taking notes as I've read about Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, etc. on their personal qualities and traits. I really want to get to know them as people and as ancestors, and not just as long-gone people I read about in the scriptures.

So far, I've mostly just been reading online (Thanks, Google and Wikipedia!), and I've even read about beliefs re: Abraham, etc. from the Quran (super interesting to learn about shared beliefs and differences!) but again, if anyone has recommendations of good books or resources to learn about historical context, cultural norms, etc., please let me know!


  1. Such a good idea! You should keep your own chronology of your readings, and then share (with me!)

  2. I just started reading "The Blessings of Abraham" by E. Douglas Clark, and so far I really like it (disclaimer: I'm not very far in). One thing I think is really interesting is that he draws from a bunch of sources - LDS, Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Greek. Here are the Amazon reviews:

    (I didn't pay that much for my copy - I think the church bookstore or Deseret Books probably has a much cheaper copy!) Nibley also has a few books on Abraham that might be interesting. Good luck! And I agree with Camille - you should share your thoughts as you go!


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