May 06, 2014

My Last Bike Ride

My last bike ride :(

I'm so, so bummed! I left my bike downtown this weekend, and....

IT GOT STOLEN. :( :( :(

Here are some photos I took last Thursday the last time I rode it. :'( On the bright side, at least my last ride was a really good one.

I rode down from my office to the White House.

DC bike ride
My little grenade pouch-turned cell phone holder. *sniff* Now the Army surplus store is closed, I can't even replace it! :(
My last bike ride :( White House bike ride

Then, I rode down to the Mall. :) Past the Washington Memorial.

DC bike ride
The sky was GORGEOUS Thursday night! I live in such a pretty place!
DC bike ride

And, of course, across the street to my FAVORITE -- the World War II Memorial.

My last bike ride :( DC bike ride My last bike ride :( My last bike ride :(

I LOVE living in DC, and I can't wait to live biking distance from these beautiful sights again. And hopefully by then, I'll have another bike... :-(


  1. Boo!! So sad you went out in style, though!

  2. I am so sorry your bike got stolen! Aside from that major bummer, I was going to say this looks like a great way to spend a summer night!!


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